Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mormons and Facebook for Dummies

Apparently there is some confusion out there surrounding posts or friends disappearing on Facebook recently. Here's the thing, it is not Facebook's fault. If you experience missing posts or conversations not making sense because people seem to be responding to comments that are simply not there or people who post regular family pictures and/or status updates seem to be disappearing from your news feed, you are not alone. Millions of Facebook users are experiencing this phenomenon known as "Facebook Censorship".

Facebook Censorship could happen because of Facebook manipulations of the things that show up in your news feed because Facebook uses algorithms to define your interests and uses the history of the things you have clicked on in the past to define what to show you in your news feed. This is not really censorship, but it is annoying if people are posting things that you want to see, but that Facebook deems you would not be interested in. The way to change this over time is to seek out those friends you want to see their statuses and updates. However, even more common is the user directed Facebook Censorship that happens when people take steps to block you from seeing posts, unfriend you, delete your posts or comments (made on their wall or in response to their posts or comments). This happens more frequently than you may think. Sometimes there is no way to know that this is going on unless you are able to use a different Facebook account to see the response to your posts.

If you do not want to become a victim of this behavior you should know a few things;

1. Do not post anything related to religion or your religious views in public on Facebook.

2. Do not mention any of the following (even if you are referencing them for educational purposes);
 - Cults
 - Mind control
 - Brainwashing
 - Racism
 - Polygamy
 - Polyandry
 - Fallibility of religious leaders
 - Cognitive Dissonance
 - Former abuses by religious leaders (especially past or present Mormon/LDS leaders)
 - "Lying for the Lord"
 - Blood atonement
 - Adam-God doctrine
 - Temple ceremonies
 - Masonic rights
 - Gay marriage or gay rights
 - City Creek Mall (unless you are praising how nice it is)
 - Mountain Meadows Massacre
 - Kirtland Banking Society
 - Misogyny

3. Do not mention any links that provide information about LDS church history besides, or

By following these simple steps you can be assured that Facebook will continue to do what they do and only show you the stuff you want to see.

Happy Never Ending Scrolling!

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